“Eurydice’s (Evie’s) personal and education background brings her close to the level of internationalism that we find in our school.  This connection with the way in which our students live is an interesting asset that brings invaluable elements to her relationship with them, inside and outside of the classroom.”

Jesus Alemany, Department Head and teacher of IB Spanish, International School of Prague

 “Evie Prentoulis is full of creativity and fun. Children learn much more than just English.  I can highly recommend her work!”

Shelley Ann Vernon, a well known international speaker and author of ESL learning materials and books for children.

My Curriculum Vitae:

Eurydice Prentoulis CV 2017 updated February 2017

Italian version:  Curriculum vitae in italiano, Eurydice Prentoulis 2017

German version: Lebenslauf (German CV) 2016

Please refer to the bottom of this page for all my diplomas, credentials and certificates.

Immediately below are references from principals, supervisors and colleagues:

Volkshochschule, Bonn, Germany (Community college, teaching Cambridge English (ESL), levels A2 through C2 (CPE), modern Greek level A2)

Volkshochschule Reference Eurydice Prentoulis (Adult Education Center Bonn)

Zakládní Skola Na Dlouhem Lánu (kindergarten, primary and middle school with a separate Montessori program for grades 1 – 5, Prague, Czech Republic)

zakladni_skola dlouhy lan (principal Ana Jelínkova)

zakladni skola dlouhy lan Irena Pribylova Dept Head of English

International School of Prague, Prague, Czech Republic (teaching IB French and Spanish to students aged 14 through 18)


jesus-alemany-letter-of-recommendation-head-of-modern-language-department-isp Head of the Upper School’s Modern Language Department

kathleenschultz-rec, Upper School Counselor

tony-ackerman-letter-of-recommendation, Head of the Music Department

danlamkenletter Head of the English Department

Foreign Language Academy And Global Studies High School (FLAGS), New York, NY, USA

leba-collins-Principal of FLAGS High School (grades 9 – 12)

marilyn-bach, Supervisor, FLAGS High School (grades 9 – 12)

tiffany-mcrae-letter-of-recommendation High School (grades 9 – 12)

Home Instruction (Home Schooling Program) with the NYC Board of Education, New York, USA:


Columbia University Teaching Fellowship,  Director of Program Pascale Hubert:


Flyer – Global Kids Through Drama and English

flyer-global-kids-through-drama-and-english (long version)

flyer-global-kids-through-drama-and-english (short version)

Volunteer work: 

 Drama and English teacher covering subjects across the German school curriculum (in German and English)

 German Red Cross (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz)


Diakonisches Werk Bonn und Region

Sidika Kortes’ Reference for Evie

Lena Von Seggern -Diakonisches Werk Bonn und Region – gemeinnützige GmbH SKM_C3350171013084501

Diplomas and credentials

Permanent Teaching Certificate, New York State Department of Education

Columbia University, French and Romance Philology, Transcript

TEFL certificate

IB French Certificate

Ab Initio Spanish teaching certificate

Advanced Spanish language training at IMAC, Guadalajara, Mexico

Fundamentals of Project Management Certificate, University of Virginia

Resilience in Children Exposed to Trauma, Disaster and War – Global Perspectives, University of Minnesota


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