“Wow, Evie. Thank you so much about your point of view about Sebi. You are really really sensitive to the kids’ needs, and you do your work excellently… You had just one month/20kids and you know so much about him. I really appreciate this kind of information because it is important for me to help him to move his personality forward. Sebi is type of person who doesn´t like to go anywhere for  activities for children (kroužek) – but only for English with you.”

Gabriela Andrakova, parent, Prague

 Video testimonials with parents and their children:

Feel free to contact the wonderful parent above: Kvetoslava Uhrikova, at +420 724 804 823. She will be most happy to provide a reference by phone.

Feel free to contact the wonderful parent in the video above: Sarka Robinson, former solicitor and partner with the lawfirm CMS Cameron McKenna.  Mobile +420731128178

Her husband, Chris Mruck, a German native who also speaks English, is Managing Partner with Advent International.   His contact information is cmruck@uk.adventinternational.com and he can provide a phone reference via mobile +44 7768 402271

Below are testimonials extracted from email communication with parents.

The following testimonials are REAL, extracted from emails from parents and/or their children.

 On another page on this website, I provide references from former supervisors and colleagues.  An occasional e-mail extract from former and current colleagues is also included there: 

“You are a very educated, creative, amazing and hard-working woman, who loves children. You are our Sunshine!”

Dagmar M., Prague

“Deine Arbeit mit den Kindern ist wichtig…und wunderbar!”

Petra Buschey, Flüchlingskinder Kunsttherapeuterin, Bonn 

“You are an exceptional and amazing person, and in what you do, too!  Highly intelligent play!”

Sarka R., parent, Prague

“Cham loved it! She thought it would be just one week before she sees you again – and now [because of the spring holiday] she discovered that it’s an additional week before the next lesson. She actually regrets it’s a holiday week!

Cham and the twins are just fascinated with your work.  It is wonderful what you do with them.”

Dania A., parent, Prague

“Kids are the most important thing in the world. They are our future.  There is nothing more important than nurturing the minds of children, and you are doing an incredible job of doing just that.”

Charles C., parent, Los Angeles

“I absolutely admire what you are doing!!!  Please stay with us as long as possible!”

Lena Von Seggern, 
Diakonisches Werk Bonn und Region – gemeinnützige GmbH , Bonn, Germany

“Eurydice Prentoulis is one of those rare people who understands the heart of a third culture kid, she knows what it means being made up of a dozen places spread across the world that we can call home, and no matter how many places a person is from, from completely different cultures, Eurydice knows how to connect with whatever culture we are from and knows how to make us realise the best of those worlds that we are from, because she is one of us.  She speaks eight languages and inspires us to feel like a big family when she is teaching us. Eurydice is charming, polite and beautiful inside out with her encouragement and constant optimism as she wears a smile every day with anyone from whatever age or background she encounters.  She always puts others before herself and she is always willing to support students.  She encourages students to give the best of themselves and to find their greatest strengths. She knows how to add humour to learning and teaches us to love a language and a new culture different or similar to ours, because after she has been to many places around the world, she knows the future of the world is one where we are more curious about one another, to learn from experiences and to build a future for our own children. Eurydice is an international person who shows us an example of how every one of us can be a teacher to others with the words we choose to use with others, with the gestures we learn to use in our languages with others and most of all how we can learn to respect each other by listening to each other.”

Adam Bokheshim, former student of the International School of Prague, Czech Republic

“The twins enjoyed it so much … So enthusiastic…”

Katerina V., parent, Prague

“I must say that we are very happy for such a progress we hear from Sofie, for such a short time..! Thank you very much for all your efforts and nice job with our kids!!!”

Marketa T., parent, Prague

“I am so happy that Nikola likes his teacher and he always speaks at home about the English hour at school. That’s amazing really.”

Antonie P., parent, Prague

“Wow, Evie. Thank you so much about your point of view about Sebi. You are really really sensitive and you do your work excellently… You had just one month/20kids and you know so much about him. I really appreciate this kind of information because it is important for me to help him to move his personality forward. Sebi is type of person who doesn´t like to go anywhere for some activities for children (kroužek), but only English. He likes it a lot and he enjoys it a lot. I think it is thanks to you because he hasn´t had any English lessons before yours. He has not had the same teacher since.”

Gabriela A., parent, Prague

“Thank you! Really…very positive, motivating and appreciative of us as a family. Matthew also asked me for ´English Thursdays´;) when we speak English :)”

Lucia P., parent, Prague

“Sofie started to talk to us in English also at home, although we speak Czech…  ‘No, I don’t’, ‘yes’… Please… “ Easy words…but it is nice and I can see she likes studying the language!! She sings the songs, etc. Great job, Evie! Thanks a lot!!!”

Marketa T., parent, Prague

“Lukas was again very happy with your class and with the new children he met there. He very much enjoyed playing with them.  He asked me is there was any possibility that he could be with you more, preferably in the group.  Lukas was so exited about your class, that he asked me if he could have a class with you every single day. 🙂 We will find the time for extra classes with Lukas. We should take the advantage of his interest. He will see you next Monday and maybe we might think about something more in the near future.”

Lenka D., parent, Prague

“Maxi is so much into your classes . That make us so happy, because languages are so important. I’m sure he will enjoy your jungle hospital .”

Veronika K., parent, Prague

“Thank you so much for the absolutely charming photos! Adam loves the photos! He says ‘These two photos are very nice!’”

Vivian A., parent, Prague

“I totally love the way you teach the kids. We would like Beata to start English with you too.”

Irena R., parent, Prague

“Kvetka had wonderful time and she really wants to have you as her teacher … She had so much fun on Friday she kept explaining to us what is a savanna and a tundra … Thanks so much, Kay loves you! Thanks again for being so great with her, she just loves your lessons, which makes me very, very happy.

You are so special to us, even though we just met you…you are such an amazing person and teacher!  I can’t even imagine a child who would not enjoy your lessons.   Kids love you and what you are doing!  You will be so hard to replace…”

Kveta U., parent, Prague

“I think children can´t wait to see you after a long time and of course to see new toys and other fantastic things you always prepare for them! Thank you for all your care!”

Lucie N., parent, Prague

“English with Evie prepares us not only for things connected to English, but also for many situations we may go through in our lives where we involve our imagination and inquiring skills.”

Dan M., former student, Prague

“Sophie sounded so mature… I’ve realized what a progress the kids are doing in school just in the way they think and act.. That’s very nice!  So thank you for all the wonderful job you are doing with our loved ones…!”

Marketa T., parent, Prague

Regarding a Cambridge English exam taken by a 10 year old child who was the youngest in the exam group:

“The most important thing is that she had fun and felt good, right?  The kids there with her were much older, so she felt good about that too 🙂  So thanks again for such a great preparation, for building her confidence and improving her skills in many areas 🙂  We would like for Kay to go to your lessons as much as possible.”

Kveta U., parent, Prague

“It is amazing work that you do with Krystof and with all the kids! I very appreciate your creativity, precise preparation for every lesson and the careful attention you give to each child. We very regret that you won’t be in the school next year to teach both our kids.”

Inka B., parent, Prague

“The videos are awesome. And Natali told me, she misses you so much. We were going to have her start privately with you this school year – it is too bad you left Prague.”

Jan S., Prague

“You are the best teacher who I ever met!”

Katka K., Prague

“Evie should come back to Prague”.

Jan W., Prague

In Czech/English:

“Milá Evie,

děkuji za krásný mail. Opravdu mi bylo potěšením, že si učila mého syna. Zabývám se profesionálně vzděláváním pedagogů  a vím, že tvůj přístup je nadstandardní a v mnohém převyšuje běžnou výuku angličtiny v ČR. Tvoje hodiny Jáchym vždy hodnotil jako zábavné, zajímavé, kreativní a ačkoli je více introvert, pod tvým vedení se rozmluvil  a angličtiny se přestal bát J. Ještě jednou velmi děkujeme a věříme, že se ti podaří najít dobrou práci, protože si ji zasloužíš. S použitím fotografií souhlasíme.

“Dear Evie, thank you for your nice mail. I was really pleased you taught English my son. I deal with the professional training of teachers and I know that your approach is superior and in many ways surpasses teaching English as usual. Your teaching Jáchym was always evaluated as fun, interesting, creative. Although he is more introverted, with  your leading he is not afraid to use English anymore. Once again  thank you very much and we hope you manage to find a good job because you deserve it.

We agree using photographs.”

Sincerely Iveta Pasáková, parent, Prague

“Although she has been my Spanish teacher only this year in high school, I have learned a lot from just the past few months.  I learn from her classes because we play many interesting and fun activities which help us expand our vocabulary and prepare us for our exams. Just as in IICS (Istanbul International Community School), our school is a nationality mix, and I, myself, am from three different nationalities: Turkey, Czech Republic, and United States of America. Knowing Ms. Prentoulis only this year, she has been very interested in every student’s nationality and background, in who we are.  She also speaks a lot of languages and she learned Czech in a short time.  Many of the activities we do in her class connect to different cultures and nationalities.”

Sibel S., former student at the International School of Prague

“Evie knows and shows the value of learning a language. She is also interested in artistic extensions of a language-the songs she sings in Spanish, French and English, the passages of Shakespeare she recalls from her own readings and recitals.”

Dan Lamkin,  English teacher and parent at the International School of Prague

“Hi Evie, vase cestina je uzasna 🙂 Video je enlightening, urcite ho dejte na vase stranky.  (Your Czech is amazing.  The video is enlightening.  Of course you can post it on your website.) Have a nice day!”

Radka S., parent, Prague

“The girls know many more words than I expected 🙂 Good job!
Have a nice day and greetings from Julie.”
Jiri P., parent, Prague

“It´s such a pity that you don´t teach our kids anymore.  You taught them so many things. You are sorely missed. I hope you come back to Prague some day and teach our kids again! Very best –”

Vivian A., parent, Prague

“The girls are fascinated with your work … really, they always keep telling me how wonderful you were, teaching them.”

Dania A., parent, Prague

“You are so creative in finding ways to learn English in a playful way! The Alphabet song, the Mona Lisa painter, the bus driver – it seems to be really fun for the kids. Congratulations! The schools in Germany should know about your ideas.”

Andreas F., parent, Vienna

Former and current students:

“I always remember you as a special person from ISP and as a wonderfully international teacher. You are a great teacher and a great inspiration for all of the people you have taught. I wish you happiness and all the best.”

Adam B., former student of the International School of Prague

“I was anxious to communicate with a native speaker, and let me tell you that her lessons were much more than a satisfaction to me.”

Dan M., Prague

Evie was the English teacher to my son Nikola in the 2015-2016 school year. It was his first year of school and it was important for us that he gets teachers who are patient and good with children. Nikola is a clever and sensitive boy, curious and expressive. He needs a good teacher who is understanding and with a sense of humor, so he can be engaged and do his best.   Evie is this person. She cares about children and she is passionate about being a teacher. When I was visiting Nikola’s main class for a consultation with his teacher, Evie was eager to talk about him and to show me what work she is doing with him and with all the children in his class. I visited her classroom and saw a very nice environment, with lots of interesting things. It was clear that she takes her job seriously and that she wants children know about the world and about people. She has amazing toys that she uses as educational materials (pomucky, as we say in Czech), and she teaches kids to learn about continents by making big yoga-mat continents in different colors. She likes children to be free, active and safe. I was happy to see her classroom and see how much it is like a “walk-in Encyclopedia”. She does much more than just teach English. She teaches English and American history too. Nikola can tell me about the 1st, 16th and 44th presidents of the USA, and also about Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I and Shakespeare. I am amazed at how much she teaches inside of one English class! She also taught Nikola some things about science and lots of other things.   Nikola loved being in her class. All of the last school year, he talked about Evie a lot at home. So  I met with her, and saw her classroom and how she teaches, with such a nice environment, the most child-friendly classroom in the school. Also, she is well educated, experienced and also artistic. She had such a nice way of getting children not to be afraid, and also trained them so well that they were able to perform on camera and play-role as teacher!

The best thing of all, is that she really cared about my son and she was proactive about his feelings, his potential, and inspiring him to learn. She is very enthusiastic about children and loves being a teacher. We do not have so many teachers like this anymore. My son is now in a new school, and he has not forgotten what she has taught him. He tells me all the time how much he misses Evie and wants her to be his English teacher again. We all miss her very much. Her students miss her too!

Antonie Prestalo, a parent, Prague

“Η εντύπωση είναι οτι τα παιδιά το διασκεδάζουν , και τους αρέσει να χρησιμοποιούν κούκλες απο προσωπικότητες ανθρώπων του παρελθόντος ή χαρακτήρες ταινιών, οπότε το μάθημα δείχνει ευχάριστο.”

(“The impression [I have] is that the kids are having fun, and they like using the dolls’ personalities from [famous] people of the past coupled with dolls of movie characters, so the lesson shows pleasant results”.)

George Doumas, professional contact who has observed my lessons, Athens/Prague

Letter of Recommendation (from a former middle school student)

I, Daniel Müller, was Eurydice Prentoulis‘ student at ZS Dlouhy Lan basic school between 2012 − 2014. I always enjoyed anything connected to learning English, so I was anxious to communicate with a native speaker, and let me tell you that her lessons were much more than a satisfaction to me.

She always had her classroom full of many materials, colorful pictures, geographical maps etc. so you could study even before the lesson itself began ☺. I was part of the advanced group, so she obviously used a little different materials and styles with us than the young kids that she mostly taught.

We got to do many things besides the conversation itself. We would watch films with subtitles (so that we could get used to different accents of different speakers), do fill-ins of song lyrics, accompanied by Evie’s wonderful guitar play. Furthermore, the lessons were sort of drama lessons in part; we did many different situations scenerios (you got hurt and need to get to the doctor, you want to help someone and they don’t want to tell you what they’re struggling with), preparing us not only for things connected to English, but also for many situations we may go through in our lives, and „detective“ plays involving our imagination and inquiring skills.

Since Evie is a huge traveler herself, we got to know about many customs and traditions in (not only) English speaking countries, including many famous and important people from history.

Apart from classes, you can also ask Evie to help you with your essays, how to write a professional-looking CV or college application, which I guess might come in handy for sure.

So if you’re looking for a great teacher for you or your kids, I can more than highly recommend you to ask Evie Prentoulis!

Daniel Müller, former student, Prague, now fluent in English and already teaching his own English courses:  Real English Estate language course (http://realenglishestate-cz.webnode.cz/)

More letters of recommendation from parents are below:





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