Hours and days for on-site English workshops for children:

Monday through Friday, 5 – 7pm, Saturday 11 – 3pm

Cost: Small groups of 3 – 5 children for a 120 minute workshop.

1 workshop – 100 RON for a 120 minute workshop.

10 consecutive workshops (20 hours) : 900 RON per child.


Lessons for adults on-site and online:

The following elements below are included outside of each student’s lesson, in the teacher’s own time, with the exception, of course, of the placement test, which the student will take in his or own time, for the teacher to use as a basis for strategy and customisation of the lessons:

  • an English placement test for each student
  • the definition of the goal and result desired by the student
  • the personalised, custom-made strategy for each student
  • a detailed follow up email for each lesson, to reiterate what was learned and what to do next (homework, etc. ) in preparation of the next lesson.

Monday through Friday, 7 – 9pm, Saturday 9 – 11am, 3 – 5pm.

Cost: 100 RON per student for each 90 minute lesson.

400 RON for a group of five students.

10 consecutive lessons: 900 RON, per student .


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