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Christmas – as good a time as any to discuss ethics with children –

Good versus Evil: For this Christmas season, I used this theme, complete with angels and devils, forces of good and evil, to teach my students affirmative and negative commands in English. Storyline: a blind beggar, fast asleep, unknowingly receives some … Continue reading

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Halloween: fortune-telling, vampires and witches, brain pudding and eating “land shrimp” –

I gave a lesson around Halloween time involving the future tense, with a complete Fortune Telling business – only four euros per question! Every child has a role (not fixed, rotated): a secretary for writing the questions, another for writing … Continue reading

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Children’s stories made by children: Claude Monet travels 80 million years back in time, and paints a well behaved T-Rex.

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Learning geometric solids and flats ( 3D and 2D shapes) with kids – in German and in English –

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Teaching kids geography and history with Napoleon, Wellington and Metternich

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More late afternoon fun with a costumed history and geography lesson – this time with Napoleon Buonaparte, the Duke of Wellington and diplomat Klemens von Metternich. The kids can say where each key 19th century person is from, their job, … Continue reading

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Why wait for Carnival? Getting into character – and into engaged learning

 An English lesson about London, England and Great Britain – in costume and in character – makes kids so eager to participate that learning is effortless!  Note: the child in the video above, presenting London, knew very little English, and … Continue reading

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Geography Yoga with children –

  Two lessons were taught here: geography and some yoga.  Kids love  colors and shapes.  They love tangible materials and they love putting things together.  And of course, they love to stretch and move and have seemingly care-free fun doing … Continue reading

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