Christmas – as good a time as any to discuss ethics with children –

good versus evil 2

Good versus Evil: For this Christmas season, I used this theme, complete with angels and devils, forces of good and evil, to teach my students affirmative and negative commands in English. Storyline: a blind beggar, fast asleep, unknowingly receives some gold coins from a generous passerby. A poor woman with many children at home and no money for Christmas presents comes by and sees the coins. While she deliberates, the angels say “Don’t do it! Don’t take the money! Don’t …” while the devils counter “Do it! Take the money! etc. ” Initially, she takes the money but she returns later, out of remorse, wakes up the beggar and confesses. He gives her half the money and wishes her a merry Christmas. My students and I discussed the ethics of this kind of situation, and the right moral choice to make. All in English!


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